Our Story

how it all began.

We love golf. It's a beautiful sport. Golf brings us together, with friends, outside. Golf is challenging, calming and is rich with tradition. Whether your a beginner or pro. Golf is fun. But do you know what's not fun tho? Traditional golf clothes. Every time we played a round we would say to ourselves 'wow, my golf gear is boring'. So we decided to not only work on our swings but work on a golf brand. A brand that we'd be proud to wear, a brand that reflected who we are... whether on the course or on the streets.


The name took a while, we tried a thousand names and variations, but in the end...it just had to be simple. So we took the initals of our founders names Laurien Engelman & Niels Drent, Lend.

Now that was easy.

Country club to the streets

We don't want to make streetwear for the golf course, but golf wear for the street. At Lend, we embrace the traditions of golf etiquette but stretch the definition of etiquette out as far possible. Lend is for everyone! If you're about to hit 18 at the KLM Open or smash a bucket of balls on your local driving range. Everywhere, anyone